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Find Direct Deposit instructions, locating your 1099, and IRAs here!


Tax Refund Direct Deposit
Use direct deposit for your tax refund to your SVFCU account
Routing # 221183159

Where is my 1099?
Your December 2020 statement contained your 1099. If you have misplaced this or did not receive one, you can find your 1099 by logging into HomeBanking. Click on “View Statements,” select December 2020, and your 1099 will be the last page. Statements go back as far as October 2005. If you are not set up for HomeBanking, please contact a Representative at 1-800-722-2936.

**Please Note: 1099’s were not issued if the interest earned was less than $10.00.  If you were not issued a 1099, you can still locate your interest earned or paid on page one of your December statement.

IRA Contributions
Tax season is a great time to consider opening or adding to an established IRA! SoundView offers IRA savings and IRA certificates at great rates. Click here for rates and more information.