In a perfect world, everyone would come by their money honestly; however, the fact that fraudsters are out there looking for scam opportunities is an everyday reality.

If you’re in the middle of a financial transaction and any of the red flags below are present, stop and contact SoundView immediately, especially if you don’t directly know the person you’re interacting with:

  • Is the check from an item you sold on the Internet, such as a car, boat, jewelry, etc.?
  • Is the amount of the check more than the item’s selling price?
  • Did you receive the check via an overnight delivery service?
  • Is the check connected to communicating with someone via email?
  • Is the check drawn on a business or individual account that is different from the person buying your item or product?
  • Have you been informed that you were the winner of a lottery that you did not enter, particularly those out of the country?
  • Have you been instructed to either “wire,” “send,” or “ship” money, as soon as possible, to a large U.S. city or to another country?
  • Have you been asked to pay money to receive a deposit from another country?
  • Are you receiving pay or commission for facilitation money transfers through our personal account?
  • Did you respond to an email requesting you to confirm, update, or provide your account information?

Take extra caution if any of these scenarios apply to you and contact us immediately if you suspect fraud may be occurring. Thanks to the FBI for providing these tips based on common scams.