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Credit Cards

VISA Credit Chip Card Access 
 Go To My Card
Report lost/stolen card, fraud,
or any additional questions/concerns:
 Activate Card:
 GoToMyCard enables cardholders to:
• Activate your credit card
• Securely view Account Summary, including the balance, credit line, payment due, and more!
• View current and historical transaction activity
• Sign up for paperless statements and view up to 24 months of statements online
• Download account data into Quicken or Microsoft Money accounting software
• Make a payment
• Contact customer service using a secure form
• Initiate a credit card dispute
• Submit travel notifications
• Redeem Rewards! Points (VISA Classic card holders only)
• Submit Balance Transfer Request
• Setup up account eAlerts and Interactive texting alerts

*Points apply to VISA Classic Card holders in good standing only.

VISA Payment Mailing Address:
PO Box 672051, Dallas, TX 75267-2021