1. Prioritize

Focus on the bills that keep a roof over your head, the lights on and food on the table.  Many utilities and communications providers are working to waive fees, keep the power on and your internet working.

2. Talk with your credit union or other lenders 

Many offer low or 0% small dollar loans, skip-a-pay, loan modifications and other help so you can use your stimulus money for critical needs.

3. Save some of it 

If you set aside even $100-200, that can provide a cushion for bills that are coming in a couple of weeks.

4. Don't hoard cash

Keep it in your credit union.  It's safest there.

5. Protect yourself from scams

There are lots of bad guys trying to use this crisis to get at your money.  Watch out for suspicious emails, texts or phone calls.  

6. Pay your taxes

The deadline for Federal filing and paying income taxes has been extended to July 15.  If you haven't saved to pay them, you may want to consider using the economic impact payment to pay your taxes.

Visit www.ncuf.coop for more information