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Choose a club account to budget for holiday shopping, a vacation, or just a rainy day! All club accounts have no minimum balance, monthly service charge, or early withdrawal fee. Dividends are paid quarterly based on an average daily balance above $500.00. Set aside funds using payroll deduction or regular deposits.

Christmas Club

The prefect way to save for your holiday expenses! Christmas Club funds are distributed on November 1st by check or transferred to another SVFCU account. Christmas Club accounts remain open after distribution each year for you convenience.

Vacation Club

Dreaming of a getaway? Open a Vacation Club! Save now so you will be prepared for your next trip. You can access your funds at any time throughout the year and as often as you’d like.

Rainy Day Club

Rainy days can be unexpected and gloomy. So can certain circumstances in your life. The Rainy Day Club is there for you during the good and bad days. Set aside money in this account so that you don’t have to pay out of pocket the next time a rainy day comes along.